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As a full service IT solutions company, Schneider Computer Technologies, LLC., has a full compliment of services that makes us an excellent strategic partner for small, medium or large companies. With unique technology solutions let us be your IT department, while you direct all your efforts on your core business. We provide total coverage 365 days a year, with 'Active Integration' that gives you a budget friendly, forward moving, cost-efficient IT solution. Call us today to see how partnering with us will make your company technology friendly. CALL 330 602 5400
Selecting the Right Technology

Getting the right tools and equipment to do the job that's needed now and be ready for resizing later. Having a current system assessment will give you the tools to make the right choices with options for various scenarios of how your future will develop. Our 'Active Integration'  with 365 days a year performance monitoring will constantly update the assessment for now and the future. Staying protected is an important role within today's technology, we use the best firewalls and virus protection systems for your environment. Get protected CALL 330 602 5400

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Complete IT Solutions Provider

We bring a full arsenal of technology to a partnership, from standard networking, small business servers, exchange servers, cloud servers/services or back up hardware/software to products and services not normally associated with IT partners. Our staff have versatility at their finger tips, the ever expanding need for surveillance cameras or a network with customizable remote access from anywhere, even to your smart phone or tablet. Get a consultation to see how your company can benefit now and in the future, by making us your preferred IT partner. Call 330 602 5400

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VoIP Telephone Systems

Our staff can analyze your current and future needs with you and offer you an excellent package that will include full installation, set up, with forward monitoring giving you peace of mind that your businesses key element of communication has a solid base with a trusted VoIP system. Our 'Active Integration' allows you to add to what you have, start afresh and build from the ground up or have your current system monitored and be ready for upgrades or expansion as your future needs dictate. Find what your options are CALL 330 602 5400

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